Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment is a tedious procedure that no organization can evade. From initial screening to multiple rounds of assessment and background verification, it involves a myriad of steps that neither adds to your profitability, nor client-list, but definitely to your workload. In an era where profitability and client acquisitions is of paramount importance, Recruitment Process Outsourcing services is an option you may want to consider. And if you do, it is imperative to look for the right RPO Company in India.

At Rakita, we offer comprehensive and flexible RPO services that not only covers recruitment but end-to-end HR Process Management.

Why opt for our RPO Services?

Advantages of Employee Benefits Outsourcing

  Cost reduction
  Time Saving
  Network Utilization
  Specific Skill based recruitment
  Skilled Resources
  Customized recruitment solution
  Global reach & Local Expertise

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

An MSP manages the recruitment process with the aim to consolidate all contingent workers across a business whether they are sourced directly or via staffing agencies. This type of flexible recruitment support is often referred to as Managed Service Programs. 

Benefits of our non-permanent workforce

Advantages of Employee Benefits Outsourcing

  Saves cost via direct sourcing
  Data on demand
  Low-cost pay-rolling and centralised invoicing 
  Offshore options
  Contingency workers rate cards 
  Supplier management