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“Virtual HR Services” is not just a slogan, It is new form of HR Processes in this Digital world and Rakita makes it happen.

Welcome to Rakita Technologies LLP

Rakita Technologies LLP is an emerging virtual Human Resources services with a wide experience in maximizing efficiency and minimizing risk of the organisation by providing operational & development solutions across India. We provide these services through experienced and trained professionals, who supports clients across India for the organisational growth.

We help your company to achieve greater HR productivity while lowering administrative costs. Enhance your Virtual HR services with any of our additional offerings, such as customizable HR Process like payroll & benefit processing, compliance management, employee trainings, recruitment services, compensation benchmarking, leadership coaching, employee engagement surveys and much more.


Our Experience or Solutions

HR Services

The firm's services include HR Advisory, HR Outsourcing, HRMS tool, HR Audit, Talent Acquisition, Payroll Processing, etc. We are a dynamic and fastest-growing HR solutions provider in all major cities of India like Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

HR Automations

Human resources automation uses software to digitize and streamline the processing of document-centric tasks, providing HR departments with improved efficiency and reduced cycle time, while reducing the potential for human error.

Statutory Compliance

HR refers to the legal framework within which organizations must operate while dealing with their employees. Therefore, dealing with statutory compliance requires for companies to be well-versed with the various labor regulations in their country of operation.


Rakita Technologies LLP gives a best solution for excellent HR Service Management.

Powerful Employees

Minimizes the amount of time HR professionals spend on routine administrative tasks

Flexible Services

Reduces the burden of shared service centers and help desks by performing HR transactions and providing answers for repetitive employee queries.

Quality Investments

Helps you measure return on investments for HR expenses with accurate data

HR Process Analysis

Gives you intelligent employee sentiment analysis thereby helping you reduce unwanted attrition, eliminates human bias in HR decision-making

Client Infrastructures

Client Infrastructure is a Front end component. It is responsible for managing your applications data, middleware, and runtime environments.

HR Digital Transformations

The goal with an HR digital transformation is two-fold: to automate HR processes in order to save time and money, and to collect and analyze data